Welcome, one and all. My name is Justin White, and this is OUTSPOKEN. Through open-ended conversation with ongoing unique guests, on topics as broad as my days left on Earth will allow me to explore, I hope to; uncover and share new perspectives, find resonance through common understanding, build an extended community of people having conversations with one another, have fun talking to beautifully one-of-a-kind individuals about anything and everything, and finally, to expound on the complexities of being human in an insane and only partly agreed-upon reality.

This show promises to be mostly entertaining, maybe educational, possibly inspirational, probably not entirely politically correct, kind in nature though sometimes unrefined in delivery, and most definitely spiritually fortifying.

I plan to speak my mind and go deep, and I reckon my guests will likely do the same. Let’s all learn some things about ourselves and each other, and maybe we’ll all be better off for it.

Your friend,