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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 111 – Damon Packard

People used to be interesting, propaganda, guerilla shooting, actual conspiracies, scams within scams, video game bandits, memory loss, tough guys, and much more…


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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 108 – Greg McClellan

Love of sound, drumless drumming, heavy music, horror films with dad, paper routes, hyper tapes, befriending Bruce Bickford, creating the longest concept album of all time, and much more…




© 2022   Justin White  All rights reserved

OUTSPOKEN Outtakes – Volume 10

Previously unreleased material from episodes 46-49.

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 80 – Brett I.

Making Monster Road, Bruce Bickford, clay animation, documentary filmmaking, Renaldo Kuhler, Rocaterrania, family psychology, fantasy and metaphor, journalism, the necessity of art, and much more…



OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 5 – Carleton P.

Space heaters, good water/bad water, fish fears, signal interference, dental woes, smell of _____, Sasquatch, Christmas tree insanity, neon cows, Coen Bros. & Tarantinos, the selfie pandemic, identities for sale, and much, much more…