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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 102 – Milo Wolf

Infinite love, spirit trap, unity vs. uniqueness, de ja vu, the mulitverse, losing a friend, evolution of consciousness, the ego, vape withdrawal, repeating patterns, subjective reality, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy?

Hello Friends,

My apologies for being away and out of contact. Life is pretty intense sometimes, wouldn’t you agree? In this short episode I try to summarize what this podcast is all about and what it means to me, as well as explain a bit about what has been going on for me personally, and how it could lead to some interesting and exciting changes for this and all the other creative avenues I plan to continue exploring. I hope my explanation serves to elucidate my mission and ambition, and also that it gives you a solid reason to stick around and be a part of whatever comes next.

With love and gratitude,






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Half Full – Chapter Two

An off-shoot of OUTSPOKEN in which a guest and myself make an effort to bring some positive light to an otherwise negative situation, feeling, or belief. It’s forced optimism at its finest!

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 50 – Clayton J.

Multi-tasking, virtual reality, apathy, billionaires are the worst, city mouse vs. country mouse, the head sandwich, science is a belief system, the 5-day weekend, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 47 – Amy K.

Making art, blending the material and spiritual, thumbless pottery making, workaholism, what it means to be human, death and dying, how we use technology, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 13 – Charlie S.

Color affinity, lying on surveys, Oxyrynchus, living in denial, our bodies tell us things, what is garbage?, critical housekeeping, fear of dudes, looking inward, leaving a sh*tty legacy, be good wherever you are, from inside the bubble, being oneself, winning & losing, Olympic comedy, forced morals, being young with an uncertain future, radical acceptance, and much, much more…