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OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 93 – Mike G.

Monsters, politicians, channeling anger into art, horror magazines, exposing the ugliness, the cult of Trump, Covid, and much more…







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Dumb Twisters – Third Installment

A special edition directed at those who defend monstrous individuals and their unforgivable behavior, plus a goofy one for everyone else.

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 72 – Michelle C.

Impeachment trial, institutionalized cruelty, Trump traits, the trauma of poverty, compromised morality, false flag operations, Bernie, cognitive dissonance, OK boomer, revenge fantasy as catharsis, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 56 – Rob S.

Growing up health conscious, technology’s impact on us, sports Jews, figure skating, predecessors to sustainability, Amish principles, Trump never changes, the Enneagram, convenience, choosing our future, and much more…